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Creative... Technically Speaking
Technical... Creatively Speaking


is a full service Advertising, Marketing, and PR firm specializing in the photonics / optoelectronics markets.
SMM has served the high tech industry since 1978.

Helping Photonics Companies Grow

We offer fully-integrated, strategic advertising and marketing services which incorporate over 37 years of experience helping photonics companies gain exposure and increase market share. With our expertise in the optoelectronics field, SMM has a proven track record of helping propel companies to the next level – from startups and mid-sized to well-established technology firms.

Expertise in Integrated Marketing

SMM provides a comprehensive menu of marketing services including goal assessment, strategic planning, branding, print and online ad creation, integrated media planning, content marketing, press release writing and submission, technical writing and article development, editorial support, and PR services. Other services include technical and corporate literature, logo development/revisions, trade show booth design, web site design and/or optimization, and email blasts /direct mail.

Commitment to Your Company’s Success

With an energetic and goal-focused advertising and marcom effort, SMM will help define your marketing objectives, present new promotional opportunities, maximize your visibility, and seamlessly incorporate all components to increase your market share, revenues, and profitability. We execute this in-depth, integrated approach with a high degree of knowledge of the industry and a commitment to your company's growth and success.

SMM Ad Scored #1 in “Wow Factor” in 2 Readership Studies

In the August 2014 issue of Photonics Spectra, a Smith Miller Moore-designed ad won the top honors in both categories of “Readership/Recognition” and “Most Attention-Getting” advertisements. A second SMM ad scored #16 out of 71 ads surveyed in the “Most Attention-Getting” category.

SMM Ad Scored #1 in Top Ten Readership Study Category

A Confidential Readership Survey was commissioned by the publisher of Medical Design Briefs to survey the advertising and editorial readership of it January 2012 issue. The Toshiba Imaging Systems’ ad created by Smith Miller Moore scored the top spot for percentage of all respondents who indicated that they read some or more than half of the ad’s content.

SMM Wins Award

Ad-Q™ Studies, A Division of Harvey Research, Inc. presented SMM an “Award for Outstanding Advertising In Recognition of the Advertisement That Achieved Outstanding Readership Response, As Measured Against All Other Ads Appearing In Advanced Imaging”.

SMM Ad Nominated by Publisher

An ad created by Smith Miller Moore was nominated for a CEBA – Creative Excellence in Business Advertising Award by the publishers of Vision Systems Design (PennWell Publishing). Chosen not only for being both “creative and excellent” the SMM ad was chosen because in Pennwell’s words it “effectively positioned your client company in our industry”.